Join us as a sales agent

Sell4LessSpain.com is an exciting opportunity for homeowners in Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal to sell their properties, saving €1000’s in commission and increasing the chances of selling as a result of our extensive exposure on the major property portals.

We are looking for self starters to work with us on a commission basis to promote our business and our services to homeowners in their network.

You can work full time, part time or around another commitment.

There are no defined areas.

There are no monthly targets – work as much or as little as suits you.

How does it work?

  • You will talk to people who own property in Spain, the Spanish Islands, Portugal or Gibraltar who are thinking of selling it, or are currently trying to sell it with a traditional estate agent.
  • You highlight to people that selling with a traditional agent costs typically 5% plus IVA (so more like 6% in most cases). On a €300,000 property that amounts to €15-18,000!
  • You explain that we DONT charge commission. They can list their property with us for Free.
  • We can also, for a low fee list the property on the major property portals, such as:
    • Rightmove Overseas
    • Idealista
    • Zoopla
    • Kyero
    • Prime Location
    • Think Spain
    • And many more
  • You explain that as they are saving a lot in commission that they could price their property lower to increase interest from buyers AND still clear as much or more from the sale. Win Win!
  • You explain that as we DONT charge commission we have no “agenda” as to which property we want to sell (ie the one we get the most commission on) and therefore any interest we get in your property is passed to you and used to help sell your property – not something else.
  • You explain that you represent Sell4LessSpain and that you can provide the homeowner a “CODE” that if they enter on our site when buying a service will give them a big discount!
  • You can if you want, offer to help them with things like taking the photos and uploading the property information to us – you can do this for them for free, or you could suggest a small charge, straight to you for helping them. We find some owners are elderly and a bit unsure as to how to use the internet to access our site and load their property – you can help them!

What do the sellers get?

Your CODE will give them a big discount making it attractive for them to work with you to list their property with us.  Contact us for details.

What do you get?

We will pay you a commission for each sale for each month that customer continues to be a customer.  Contact is for details.

When do you get paid?

Your payment is due to you as soon as we receive payment from the client.  Therefore once they make a payment, the money is due to you.

What could you earn?

It depends how much effort you decide to allocate to this task.  If you sell a few each month and you keep customers and get referrals you could very easily soon be earning several €1000’s in commission each month.  In addition you can earn extra by providing local services to your customers, for example taking and uploading photos, writing details, attending viewings etc.  Its up to you how much you offer to help your customers but please make it clear that this work is direct with you, not us.

If you have any questions – please contact Simon at simon@sell4lessspain.com who will be happy to help.